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15.11.2022 — Video

Tire Smoke Talawah
ByEóin MacManus

Director and editor:

Eoin MacManus




Neirin Jones




Omar Almufti

Graphic Design:

Cody Cano

In Jamaican patois talawah’ means to have spirit and fight, a toughness. Jamaica—a small island with an oversized impact on the world—is little but talawah’, or so the saying goes.
The film was shot in downtown Kingston, and features Barrington Daylight’ Heslop; a celebrated Jamaican motorbike stunter’, along with other members of his extended crew.
Some of the footage originally appeared in a music video for Equiknoxx, a forward thinking dancehall collective based in Kingston. Tire Smoke Talawah’ is a remix of that work, with original music and narration from Equiknoxx.
Photography from the shoot appeared in GARAGISME issue 7 in 202

Tire Smoke Talawah by Eóin MacManus - © Garagisme