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09.06.2018 — Video

Future Classics
ByElias Ressegatti

Future Classics by Elias Ressegatti - © Garagisme

Elias Ressegatti

Director of Photography:

Daryl Hefti


Travis Moore


Nice Manners (Ep 4 and Ep 5) and Rigael Drake (Ep 6)


Bryan Smaller @ Company3

Graphic Design:

Angelo Ressegatti

Future Classics is the brainchild of director Elias Ressegatti and cinematographer Daryl Hefti. Shot exclusively on 16mm film, the project is born out of a passion for cars and the people who share our obsession. 

Elias found himself increasingly disconnected with his consuming of classic car content. The target audience was overwhelmingly rich and older. But on the roads he saw young people of all backgrounds enjoying a shared passion for cars; cars that are driven, cars that are affordable, yet special in some way. So he set out to portray the deep emotional bond between the drivers and their cars.
FC finds their subjects through a myriad of ways. Some reach out via email or connect through social media, some write back after Elias or Daryl stuck a stationary card reading: I really like your car. I’d love to feature it on future​clas​sics​.tv” under the wipers. Others are found on Instagram, on online forums or out driving or at car meets. 
This year, Elias released 3 new episodes: Forever Car (episode 4), Ferrari Slayer (episode 5) and The Coupe (episode 6).

Elias Ressegatti is a Swiss born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker. He’s passionate about exhaust fumes and chasing the perfect light down the PCH on a Wednesday evening.